Happy December!


Its been busy around here!  We’re kind of big Christmas nerds/lovers.  Maybe me more than James, but he’s catching up.  Christmas is when I really get my baking and crafting on, and we haul out everything to decorate the house.  It’s that special crinkly feeling that Christmas has that I love (crinkly is the best way I can describe it, I know it probably makes no sense).

First I made these:


cookie platter

I decided to sell platters of 3 dozen Christmas cookies just by word of mouth for a bit of extra Christmas gift money. From the top are peanut butter blossoms, coffee shortbread snowflakes, gingerbread cookies with royal icing, whipped shortbread, linzer cookies with four-fruit preserves, and brownie “Christmas puddings“.  These platters were for a friend on Sunday for a Christmas party he was attending.  I have heard they were well received, which makes all the hard work worth it!  I have a couple more to make in the upcoming weeks so I’ll be making and freezing some dough over the next couple of days.

Then later on Sunday night, there was a little of this:

20141130_225824 DSCF2379

It took about two hours but our tree is up and decorated.  I needed my step stool to reach the top, but James took care of the star.  I was so excited to put up our new bigger tree, we bought it 50% off a few weeks ago, definitely a steal (especially when a certain big ball of fur likes to climb inside it, mushing all the branches down).  Speaking of Harley…










Yep, we’re those people.  I promise the hat-wearing was very brief, just for the picture!  We say that Harley has it easy, our late cat Dusty actually had a picture taken on Santa’s lap, in the middle of the mall (hey the advertisement said pets – how did we know we’d be the ONLY people to bring in a cat?).  Harley gets his own stocking to open Christmas morning, before we open our own (while we get it on video, of course).  We’re thinking foam balls for playing fetch, some treats, and a toy wand this year.  A stuffy might find its way in there too (he LOVES stuffed animals).

We both can’t wait for the day we get to celebrate with our child, sometimes I get all misty at just the thought. I remember a Christmas when my niece was a toddler, it was about 2am or so Christmas morning, and my Dad remembered that her plastic table and chair set was hidden outside in its box and the table had to be assembled.  I have no idea why it was outside.  Did you know that cold makes things contract?  That’s a science lesson for you when you’re trying desperately to jam too-big plastic legs into the too-small holes of the plastic table top, that is FREEZING, by the light of a Christmas tree, without making noise.  I think it may have involved a hammer.  Between the two of us we somehow managed to make it come together.  I can’t wait for that scenario to happen again someday (though I think gifts might hide at Nana’s instead of outside!).



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