Christmas Ornaments

Our tree is what you would call ‘eclectic’.  James has an ornament from his very first Christmas. I have a Christmas ornament for each year that James and I were engaged (two).  There are the Toronto Maple Leaf ball ornaments that my Dad bought James, just because, a couple of weeks before he passed away.  There are 5 from Tim Hortons, and a whole slew of Hallmark ornaments. I wanted something to commemorate how far we’ve come this year, but had no luck finding ornaments for those in the adoption process that are waiting, except for international.  As is often the case when I can’t find something, I made it myself.


I made from polymer clay and I scratched in the words before baking.  I then gave the large circle a coat of white paint and painted the words in.  Covered both in gloss varnish then glued the heart on. It’s a bit simple and kind of big for the tree, but special!  I’m toying with the thought of painting 2014 on the heart, though I’m a bit afraid if it does take 3-4 years to adopt, that will be a bit of a sad reminder after a couple of years.  Maybe on the back instead?  What special ornaments do you have on your tree?


One thought on “Christmas Ornaments

  1. Too cute! Here I was sad that I couldn’t buy a baby’s first Christmas ornament back in December, when I could have marked our wait with a unique ornament! If (god forbid) we still haven’t adopted by Christmas 2015, I will have to remember this idea. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚


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