Signed On

Phew its been busy!  We were set to have an appointment with the adoption agency on December 11th, but then suddenly this happened:


We’re used to snow around here in the winter, but this came on fast and furious.  James had gone to work in the morning, and was set to come home at lunch to pick me up so we could hit the highway to go to the agency.  I laid down to have a nap because with nerves I hadn’t slept well.  I saw the snowfall warning before I fell asleep.

  When he got home he said it was a horrible drive and he feared going back on the road.  He is very used to driving in snow so it caught my attention.  He wanted to reschedule, and I was very disappointed,  but our safety comes first.  James called the agency and they put us through to the director and he put her on speaker.  She was SO nice and completely understood, and we chatted a bit and she put us in for Friday the 19th.

The meeting went great!  It was just like having a long casual conversation.  We got some solid numbers and information about what the process is really like.  In the last year there was about 55 adoptions in Ontario.  The agency did about 18 of those (which is why we’re so excited to be signed with them).  The year before they only did 6.  You just never know.  I’m trying to face the reality that its possible we will never be picked.  Though it probably sounds pessimistic, even the director said its good to really look at when you’re done waiting.  Homestudies are good for two years, and she said that is a good time to consider if you want to keep going.  It’s hard to express that to people when they want this to happen for us so badly.   I haven’t lost hope though (I bought the tiniest, cutest striped baby pants ever a week ago), but I get afraid to imagine it finally happening, just in case.

James and I have both come down with colds late Saturday night, at the same time (within the same hour even, weird), but hoping to be better by the 25th.  I think we could both use some happy right now, and looking at going into the new year with the hope of an extra family member in 2015!


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