Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!  I know I’m about a month late, but hey its still new-ish.

There isn’t anything new to report on the adoption front, just waiting and considering it hasn’t been very long, we’re settled in for much more of it.  I didn’t really believe our practitioner back in October when she told us this would be the harder part.  I was thinking, “how can this be the hard part?! No more running around trying to get papers filled, or if our house is good enough or worries about being approved!”  But she is very wise, this IS harder.  It’s so much better to actually be doing something.  Even the agency meetings, because it was one step closer.  We are still thinking of signing with another licensee in Toronto so that we have our bases covered.

I get the nesting instinct every now and then, part of me wanting to prepare just in case and feed the hope that this WILL happen, and part of me afraid that we will never get to use any of it. Some people go all out beforehand furnishing a nursery, some people wait for a match, and some people buy nothing at all until baby is here (which our one agency has told us to do).  Both James and I  agree that we like the idea of having some things before we are matched. It makes it feel real, we feel a least somewhat prepared, and just in case the expectant mother/couple should change their mind (which is their right), then the things aren’t attached to a specific baby.

Before Christmas I came across something that I couldn’t resist, and it ended up under the tree for James.


It’s from Indigo/Chapters in 6-9 months size because they didn’t have any smaller.  I figure that way at least there is a very good chance of hockey season still being on when baby can fit into it!  I bought the most tiny, adorable grey-striped baby pants on sale for $3 from Old Navy while I was buying a couple other presents.  I’ve been going crazy trying to find where I put them as they disappeared, and it dawned on me if they were left in the shipping bag – they got thrown out (be me), *sob*.  I know its only $3 but STILL!  The worst part?  Old Navy no longer carries them either!  They went perfectly with this onesie.  I’m trying very hard to not let the notion creep into my head that this is karma for buying baby things with no baby in sight.  Though I have already bought an owl one sleeper and matching pack of socks.  But they were on sale too, so it doesn’t count right?


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