Small Agency Update

small Update

We hadn’t heard anything from our agency since we signed on in December, so on Monday my need for an update won out over my fear of looking impatient.  I ran my 5th draft of the email past a few other adoptive moms to make sure I wasn’t sounding pushy (we have only been with this agency for a bit over 3 months), and when given the collective approval, sent it off.

Within a day or two I got a response from the agency director herself.  Two little ones have been placed since we’ve signed on, though one was matched in December and the other had a specific region she wanted the potential adoptive parents to be from.  Right now, there are four expectant mothers the agency is working with, but none are at the stage of looking at families yet.  This made me so hopeful that there at least exists the chance of us being picked. Last year they placed 18 babies, but the year before they had placed 6.  So they really couldn’t say what this year would be like.

One thing I love about our agency is that they do a lot of counseling and talking with the expectant mothers that come in, and don’t jump into anything.  They run a non-profit program to help mothers that choose to parent.  We saw some of the many donations when we had our meeting, and the director was actually waiting for another drop-off.

Its quite possible all of the four women may choose to parent before getting to the profile stage.  If they do decide to make an adoption plan, we’re crossing fingers that we meet their preferences and are able to have our profile shown.  I’m so glad I checked in, if even just for peace of mind.


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