We’ve had a bit of a make-over!

Is now

When I first started this blog it was mostly my intention to use this blog as an avenue for expectant parents considering making an adoption plan to get to know us better, and to keep our family in the loop.  James and Kristen Adopt was straight to the point, we couldn’t really think of anything else and it wasn’t taken, so ta-da!

I’ve come to realize I really enjoy blogging and have already ‘met’ some wonderful people.  I would love to continue after we become parents, whenever that day should come.  Since that could be a long time down the road, I thought it better to make the change now while the blog is still in its infancy.  This new name gives it room to grow and expand into other things while we wait, and afterwards.

If you’re wondering whats up with the “H” in Home, it’s the first letter of our last name. It also can stand for Heart. It came to my attention when writing out the URL that it looks like “The Hin Home”.  I promise we are not the Hins, even though I am sure they are lovely people.

Thank you to everyone that has followed along with us so far!


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