Super Easy Baby Blanket


We took a trip to Fabricland Saturday (one of the very few brick-and-mortar fabric stores around here) in search of baby fabrics. The picture above is of my haul after staring at row after row of fabrics trying to figure out what I actually wanted to make (note to self, figure that out before going to the store).  Finding gender-neutral fabric is apparently no easy task!  The yellow with giraffes and elephants was James’ choice, and since he actually had an opinion on which fabric he liked best, I grabbed it!

The two top fabrics are flannelette, usually $15 a meter but on sale for $4.50, great deal!  I sewed them together into this snuggly blanket.

baby blanket

I simply laid the two fabrics right-sides together, and sewed along the edges leaving an opening to turn it right side out.  My fabric was cut 1 meter long, and I believe they’re both 44″ wide, but you can really use any size.  I then cut off the excess fabric to reduce bulk in the seams, especially careful around the corners to not cut through the sewn lines (and leaving the excess fabric at the opening), and turned right side out.  I pressed the blanket flat with a slightly warm iron and top-stitched around the edges of the entire blanket, closing the opening in the process.  Ta-da!

If you’re more of a visual learner, this 30 Minute Baby Blanket tutorial from Patchwork Posse has pictures of each step (I don’t a ladder stitch step because the top stitching itself closes the blanket).

If you can sew straight lines (even mostly), you can make this!


4 thoughts on “Super Easy Baby Blanket

  1. Do you ever go cross-border shopping? The selection of kid and baby cottons and flannels at Jo-Annes blows Fabricland out of the water, and the prices are way better too. Totally worth the trip.


    1. Jesse, its funny you mention Jo-ann’s because James will be going down to Rochester sometime in June, and talked about going there for me if I wanted! I’ll have to check out their selection online, thank you for the tip! I sometimes order from and have it shipped to a friend in the states, because shipping to here in Ontario has cost me $25 before!


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