Wonderful Weekend

May 1st was my grandfather’s 87th birthday.  To all the grands in the family, he is “Baa”. The story goes that my sister (being the eldest), couldn’t pronounce Grandpa, and instead it came out “Baa”.  He’s been Baa since. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday at my grandparent’s house on a very warm and beautiful day, out in the back yard.

Baa 87 birthday cake1

This was the cake I made for him!

The couch is chocolate cake (its eggless and milkless but I make it with lactose-free milk, I don’t use the chocolate chips), covered in butterscotch frosting, and covered in homemade chocolate marshmallow fondant (use roughly a cup or more of cocoa in place of the icing sugar). I made the butterscotch frosting by mixing half a cup of hot lactose-free cream into one package of butterscotch chips, and allowed to cool.  I then beat one cup of softened salted butter in my kitchen aid mixer, added the butterscotch mixture with 1 tsp of vanilla, and enough icing sugar until it was smooth, spreadable and the right sweetness (it is completely adjustable to taste).   The blue pillow and blanket are marshmallow fondant as well.  The mini-Baa is made out of gum paste, complete with a gum paste “Cuffs”, their very large orange and white cat, who admittedly I could have made twice the size I did!  I got some instruction on how to carve the couch cake from Baking in Faith (she includes diagrams as well!), though I had to do a bit of extra carving and maneuvering to make it work because my cake was two 9 inch circles instead of 6.

Baa 87 birthday
As you can see, it was very well received!

We were very lucky the weather was so nice Sunday, my little cousins were able to run around the big backyard.  I also got to snuggle my newest cousin, a little darling with the biggest smile who at six months old is the sweetest little peanut!  It was so good just hanging out with family.  Baa received an outdoor bean bag game, you throw the bean bags and try to get it through the hole.  James kicked my butt, but our niece ended up winning against him so it worked out in the end 😉  These are the days I miss so much during our long winters!

Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Baa!


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