Getting the Chop

Happy June!

No real adoption news to report,  still plugging along over here.  Last week I did have an email conversation with an expectant mother who saw our Canada adopts profile, but it turned out she was in the Philippines and offered to come here ‘if we wanted’.  I gently explained we are not approved for international adoption and that was the end of conversation. Sigh.

I’ve had a summer-is-almost-here mini makeover. I have been growing my hair out for months, just getting regular trims to keep the ends from getting ratty.  This is about the longest I have had it, and I loved it (though not the amount of time it took for its upkeep)!  But with a few hot and humid days arriving to remind me that summer was approaching, I knew the time was coming to part with it.  James got his monthly hair cut and asked if I’d like for him to make me an appointment while he was there. I hemmed and hawed and then bit the bullet and said yes. Southern Ontario summers can get gross.  35C feeling like 44C,  feeling like you’re walking through a swamp, where your hair sticks to your neck and your shirt sticks to your back kind of gross.

So, Thursday was day:

The Inspiration


Before hair picture

Hair After

It’s a slightly layered long a-line bob (it’s a bit longer in the front than the back). I really love it curled, though I’m still working on my technique (Youtube videos are the best!) since I usually just straighten my hair and call it done kind of girl.  It is definitely lighter and easier to care for, which is a big bonus for summer coming.

James went to the US this weekend to see some friends and pick up a bunch of baby things I had ordered from and I got a pretty awesome deal on a 4 pack of aden + anais swaddle blankets! Our dollar has been lousy (it dropped even as I was deciding what to buy!) or I would have gotten more.  I will have a blog post about the things he brought back soon!


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