All the Baby Things!

Yay, we have a new YouTube channel! I know I had promised a post about the baby things James brought back from the U.S., but I thought a video would be better!  Its my first video and it shows (oh so many edits).  The lighting can be tricky for video and pictures in our house, but I’m hoping I’ll figure a way around that soon.

I’m hoping to get a video of the nursery up soon, but I’m still deciding on what to put up on the walls and where.  Not sure if I want to hold off on putting up anything that is too babyish until we’re matched, or just pull the trigger and do it now. I feel like it’s a big leap to make it an official nursery and not “guest room with baby things in it”.  I just feel like the walls are a little naked currently!

Hope you enjoy the video!


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