Happy Father’s Day

Both of our Dad’s names were David.  They were both amazing men, who were smart, funny and loved their families.

Dad and I as baby corrected
Me with my Dad at my grandparents cottage


James as a baby with his Dad
James as a baby with his Dad

When we were engaged, all the guys went to get their tux fitting.  When my Dad came home, he casually mentioned that him and James’ Dad are going to wear red vests.  All the men were wearing dark blue. Red was not part of the plan.  I try have a mini-freak out in my wedding-stressed head and ask,  “Red? Why?!” He replied, “Well like James’ Dad pointed out, we shouldn’t look like the other groomsmen”.  Dad has a mischievous, hangdog look on his face. I have a feeling he knew this would go over like a lead balloon, its impossible to be mad.   I decide this is not a hill I want to die on, it’s really just a vest and say, “Okayyy Dad”.

Later on James and I laugh over selves silly over our Dads conspiring in the tux shop.  And I admit, they really did look good in red.

James and his Dad  Kris and Dad

We miss them dearly.

Happy Father’s day to all the Dads and Dads-in-waiting.



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