Our Trip to Ripley’s Aquarium

James and jellyfish
James with the Jellyfish

As part of celebrating our anniversary, James got us tickets to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.  We had heard about it getting extremely busy, and my sister recommended we get there early.  We got up early Sunday morning and set out in the non-stop rain to get there just as it opened.  It was awesome!

We got in immediately, no lines.  There is so much to look at!  My favourites were split between the sting rays, the sharks and the jellyfish.  We got to pet horseshoe crabs, and James pet a stingray and bamboo shark (he has much longer arms than me, which came in handy!).  In one section you are underneath one of the large tanks, while sharks and fish swim above and around you.  You get so close you can count their teeth!  There is so much for children to do, I would love to bring our future little one there someday.

Here are some more pictures from our day:

20150628_093709 20150628_093012 20150628_092940

Jellyfish and a little real life Finding Nemo
Jellyfish More jellyfish! Finding Nemo

Sea horse nursery, Piranhas, and the fountain outside (Rogers Centre in the background)
seahorse nursery Piranas 20150628_103412

And, a little souvenir to remember our trip:
James and stuffed shark


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