Missed Opportunity

Technology is great.  We can respond to emails while grocery shopping, access files from our computer while at the bank, and find the nearest Tim Hortons within seconds.

But sometimes, well sometimes, it stinks.

Last week I sent an email about a possible adoption situation, but never heard back from the contact.  I was getting paranoid that maybe something was wrong with my email.  I keep a couple different email addresses for different purposes, and have two of those accounts automatically forward to my main account. So I went into that email account, but did not find a reply. But, I found an email from our agency. About an expectant mom who was ready to look at profiles.

From almost 9 days before.


It was a high risk situation, but after some research we decided to ask to be presented.  Only as I found out yesterday, by the time I sent my email it was too late,  a match had already been made.

It was so strange that the email hadn’t forwarded. Another email had come through fine that day, and all others have since.  James never received a copy of the email either, even though had received all other agency emails in the past.  I’ve never really believed in “everything happens for a reason” but it’s perplexing how it happened.  It’s so hard to miss out on an opportunity because of an email glitch.

The agency yesterday asked us to send two hard cover adoption profiles to replace our spiral-bound ones, as we’re now the only ones at the agency that don’t have a hard cover version on file. We definitely don’t want to be standing out for our profile being lack luster.

Hoping we will have another chance soon.

** Update**

It seems James and I have figured out why I never received the email.  Today I happened to go into my delete folder, and noticed unread emails from the agency!  I was completely perplexed about why this was happening.  James took my computer and did some searching through my email, and realized I had set my email to filter out certain words.  If an email contained the words, they were sent to my delete folder!  Oops!  We’ve now corrected the problem so it won’t happen again.  We’re also using this as an opportunity to hopefully have our homestudy amended to allow us to be presented for more varied situations.  So there is a silver lining from this technological mess!


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