A Non-Update

I’ve been meaning to write so many times, but couldn’t think of any upbeat way to spin, nothing has really been happening, ha.

I know the saying goes, “No news is good news” but when you’re waiting for even a tiny lead, not so much.

On the adoption front, we’ve had our CAS (children’s aid society) and vulnerable sector record checks redone, since it had been one year. Our RCMP fingerprinting is good for another year.  We’ve sent our new hardcover books to the agency, since we were apparently the only ones left that didn’t have hardcover books (though I’m not sure how long this was the case, because it was just mentioned).

I’ve removed identifying info

After our missed opportunity last month, I didn’t have the heart to have baby things out in the guest room/nursery anymore.  I’ve put all the things away and covered them with sheets.  Though partly to keep them from growing dusty, since we don’t know when it will happen, but also really to keep them from view.  Though Harley keeps managing to pull the sheets off!  We may have to get a nice big Rubbermaid bin to put everything into to keep it safe until its needed (since I don’t believe Harley has figured out how to open that yet!).

On the subject of Harley opening things:

20150726_171910 (1)

Nope we’re not crazy about child safety!  Harley has somehow managed to open the freezer three separate times, luckily when I’ve been around to catch it and quick enough that nothing melted (thankfully before this heat hit!). So in the interest of saving our food and not damaging our fridge, we had to install a freezer lock.  Walmart had barely anything in the way of child safety, but we managed to find a small selection at Home Depot.  You just squeeze the grey buttons, and the piece attached to the side of the fridge releases.  Its funny when I’m tired and pulling on the door wondering why I can’t get to my ice cubes.

James said its just practice for the future, ha.


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