It’s Someones Birthday!


James has turned 34!

This morning I told him that its great for three months I get to be married to an older man, haha.

We celebrated with family in our backyard on Sunday with a Toronto Blue Jays themed party (go Jays go!).  I printed out a bunch of their logos, and did white and blue streamers.  I cut out a CN tower and Rogers Centre out of foam board and painted them and stuck them all to our fences (first time using double-sided tape and now I’ve realized what I’ve been missing!).  Unfortunately I didn’t even think to take any pictures of the decorations I made, until late that night.

James requested this white cake and a coffee buttercream.  I mixed a little espresso powder with some cocoa powder and a bit of lactose-free half-and-half because we happened to have some (milk would work too).  I mixed that into some buttercream, and did it once more to get it strong enough.  It’s funny because people kept commenting on how it tasted like a Coffee Crisp, it did!


For lunch we had a Subway platter, my niece made an awesome pasta salad and taco dip, then we had chips and dip, and cheesies.  No fuss food on a hot day is fantastic I tell you. Afterwards we had a sundae bar, with waffle bowls and a bunch of different toppings, which was a hit.

There was an impromptu Wii party in the living room while some hung outside and chatted (we had a bunch of bees crash the party, so some were taking a break from the tiny visitors).

We’re still planning on going out to dinner to celebrate, we were hoping to today but I’m a bit under the weather right now (I’ve been fighting the froggy throat for a couple of days but its caught up with me, which I feel bad about but he kept saying he cares more about me getting better), so it was a low-key day today.  Hopefully this cough and everything vacates in a few days.

Happy Birthday James, hoping this year brings you so much happiness!


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