Still Waiting


harley at window 4x6

For the first time ever, in the 10 months we’ve been with our agency, we were presented to an expectant couple today.  It was a higher risk situation, so it was sent out to all the couples on our agency’s waiting list.

We weren’t chosen.

I heard the email ding on my phone while eating dinner, and broke our “no technology while eating dinner” rule to check if it was the agency.  I skimmed the email to read “I know you will be disappointed…” and broke the news to James.  Its been a quiet night since.  The email states they had more in common with interests, activities and namely sports with the chosen couple.

I know it was only one situation, but I’m gutted.  I admit, I was hopeful this was it.

The reality of it all isn’t getting easier to swallow.  There are just too many families waiting, there are no guarantees we won’t be waiting until we say we can’t anymore.  Its made no easier knowing Halloween is on Saturday, and being faced with little ones dressed up for hours.

For now, its back to waiting and hoping.


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