So Close, yet so Far

On Thursday, we had our profile presented for an adoption situation.  I tried so hard to not get my hopes up, as I kept telling myself I knew the most likely outcome.

Today while we were out grocery shopping, I heard my email notification.  I was hoping it was just Swiss Chalet trying to push their honey garlic bundle again.  When I saw it was from our licensee I knew what it meant.

We found out that it had come down to us, and another couple.  They were having a hard time deciding, which is why there was a delay. They chose the other couple.

I think I would have rather not known we were so close, somehow makes it hurt a bit more.  I don’t even feel bad about the Deep and Delicious cake landing in our cart immediately after (the upside or downside of getting bad news in the grocery store when you haven’t eaten).


Back to waiting and hoping.


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