No News is No News

I’m afraid I’m sounding like a broken record.  Other than a sudden influx of scam adoption emails from foreign countries (they are mass spamming the emails they find on the profiles on Canada Adopts), there has been no word from our licensees since February.

But lately I can’t shake this feeling that something is going to happen soon, though I have no basis for it. It’s a strange feeling, a restlessness I can’t put my finger on, to feel so close, with no tangible reason for feeling that way.

I just mentioned on Facebook how within the span of 24 hours, a certain quote showed up on my Facebook feed twice, from two different sources.  Here is the strange part: the one page that shared it, I have no memory of following.  And I had never seen appear in my feed before.  The quote suddenly popped up in the early morning as I chatted to my sister through messenger. My eyes teared up.  That evening, it popped up again, different picture but same quote – this time from one of our agencies.

What I didn’t share on my Facebook post, because skeptic me is a bit embarrassed to really admit it, was that the night before, figuring I had nothing to lose, had asked the universe for a clear sign to appear within the next 24 hours, if I would be a mother.

This is the quote:

“The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. Don’t give up.”


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