A Much Overdue Post

I was reminded today that I haven’t updated the blog since June.  June was a busy month. We suddenly lost my grandfather after he became injured and developed complications.  I came down ill the night before his funeral, and two weeks later dragged myself to the doctor when I had given up on the notion it was viral. And our son’s beautiful birth mother first contacted me through email.

I was afraid to get my hopes up then, I had received these kinds of emails before, but I had a feeling.

We continued to email back and forth and I liked her more and more, and at the end of July, it suddenly became real, we would be parents.  And August 14, 2016, we did, to a lovely baby boy with a full head of hair.


He had to spend a bit of time in the NICU because he was “agitated” and vomiting, which initially resulted in low blood sugar.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until he was home that we discovered he is intolerant to milk protein (despite me repeatedly bringing it up in hospital about it being formula-related).  He then went to the agency’s foster home until our approval was submitted and approved by the ministry (it turns out that summer is a really terrible time for trying to get things done quickly, since everyone is on vacation).  We visited him every day for a feeding and snuggles, except for when the foster family was busy.

September 14 I received a text from our agency that William would be coming home with us the next day.  I couldn’t get the words out, I believe I shoved my phone in James’s face while jumping up and down.

He is now 5 months old and just learned to roll from his back to his stomach.  Today for the first time ever he did a complete roll, from tummy to back to tummy again.  I think he was shocked at first and then erupted into laughter.  Sometimes I watch him sleeping in my arms (he still does not want to nap in the crib) and think of how surreal it is that it actually all happened, that he’s here.


We’re now looking towards finalization.  We have two more placement visits, our last one in March, and then our final report will be written.  When that is completed and sent in, we’ll find out when our court date is.  Just thinking of it makes me a bit choked up, though in another way, it’s a formality. He already is a part of our family.


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