So Close, yet so Far

On Thursday, we had our profile presented for an adoption situation.  I tried so hard to not get my hopes up, as I kept telling myself I knew the most likely outcome.

Today while we were out grocery shopping, I heard my email notification.  I was hoping it was just Swiss Chalet trying to push their honey garlic bundle again.  When I saw it was from our licensee I knew what it meant.

We found out that it had come down to us, and another couple.  They were having a hard time deciding, which is why there was a delay. They chose the other couple.

I think I would have rather not known we were so close, somehow makes it hurt a bit more.  I don’t even feel bad about the Deep and Delicious cake landing in our cart immediately after (the upside or downside of getting bad news in the grocery store when you haven’t eaten).


Back to waiting and hoping.


Time to Try Something New

Hope you’re all having a good start to the new year!

I personally was happy to see 2015 go, as we are hoping with a brand new year that this will finally be the one where we become parents.

We have been discussing the idea of making adoption pass along cards for a while, after I had read this amazing story, and decided that now was the time to make it happen.

pass along card pic

Pass along cards are just business size cards (or any size really), with a picture and contact information on them.  It’s a tool, like a Facebook page or blog, to share your hope to adopt and how to learn more.  We used Vistaprint and they arrived amazingly fast; I ordered on Tuesday evening, and they arrived yesterday afternoon, incredible!.  We plan on keeping cards with us, and sharing them with family and friends who are interested.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us for our adoption journey through two different years now, we can’t say enough how much it means to us.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, I hope everyone had a great day yesterday!

Christmas Cook 2015

We slept in very late today, I started chicken soup in the crockpot, and have just been watching Chopped tournaments reruns and Netflix.  Neither of us are brave enough to face Boxing day shopping after being stuck in a jammed parking lot when trying to get to Payless a few years ago.  That was enough for me!  With online shopping  can stay in my pajamas!

Yesterday was a really great day spent with our families.  We had a spread of food for lunch, opened up gifts, and then cookies and cheesecake shots!

Cheese board with cheddars, havarti, goat cheese, grapes and tapenade
Christmas table waiting for the rest of the food

Later we played card games, which was a riot.  After everyone went home, I promptly fell asleep on the couch.  We ended up having Christmas dinner late, but still very good.


It is difficult at times during the holidays when you’re waiting for a child, but we’re still hoping that next holidays we will be celebrating as a family of 3.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey, it means so much to us.

A Year Older

Happy Birthday!

This is a bit belated, I admit!

November 12th I turned 34 (which was when I realized that now our adoption profile books are now inaccurate, ugh).  It’s a bit tough when I think ahead that by this birthday, or holiday, or occasion we’ll be parents, and then it passes while we’re still waiting.

James threw me a lovely family party, with pink balloons, tablecloth, and decorations.  He baked me a really yummy chocolate cake, by himself, and filled it with mocha buttercream and frosted with dark chocolate  buttercream.  Usually I’m the one baking the birthday cakes so it was a huge treat.


One pink decoration is still hanging from the ceiling because it’s so pretty I can’t bear to take it down yet.  I figure it will end up exchanged for Christmas decorations very soon.

A full Rubbermaid bin of Hallmark Christmas ornaments and a cardboard box of outdoor lights have already crept upstairs.  I’m trying to show restraint and wait until December 1st until decorating though! Okay except for the one Christmas project hanging in the dining room, but that’s more because I’m worried about damaging it by trying to hide it away for the sake of a week! 😉

I’ll post the projects I’ve been working on very soon!